At our first meeting for 2018 we hit the ground running, voting to contribute the $37,000 required to proceed with a major upgrade to the school’s wi-fi infrastructure.

Currently the school does have some wi-fi capability but there are many classrooms that can’t access a reliable connection, making it difficult to utilise the full potential of resources such as iPads and computers in class.

This upgrade, co-funded with Education Queensland, means that ALL Robina classrooms and buildings will have access to wireless internet to enhance learning experiences, meaning an immediate and measurable positive outcome for our children.

We are very excited to support this major project to provide our teachers and students with optimal teaching & learning spaces and benefit from the many learning opportunities the internet can provide.

This contribution is made possible by the tireless efforts of our volunteer fundraising coordinators and the many parents, teachers and local community that support our fundraising events throughout the year. To you, we extend a very BIG thank you on behalf of all the students and staff at Robina!

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