Recently we asked for you to fill in an online survey to help us understand what you want out of your P&C. The results will help us gain a better understanding into how you would like the P&C to fundraise, receive communications and also the projects you would like to see around our school completed this year.

A brief  summary of results are below.  If you have any questions, please email


 73 total responses (compared to 143 in 2017) 



  • 86.1% female / 87.3% mother/step-mother of child(ren) 
  • 60.3% aged 35-44 / 15.1% aged 45-54 / 15.1% aged 26-34 90.5% between 26-54 
  • 74% currently married/defacto relationship / 8.2% prefer not to say / 9.6% single 
  • 24% respondents working full time in job / 5.4% working full time in own business 
  • 30.1% respondents working part time in job / 9% working part time in own business 
  • 16% stay at home parent (up 2%) 
  • 70% of respondent’s partners working full time in job / 25% of partners working in own business 




Understanding of the P&C 

  • 39.7% “have a very good understanding” (down 1%) 
  • 39.7% “have a fairly good understanding (up 7.3%) 
  • 17.8% “have some idea what it’s about” (down 5.6%) 
  • 2.7% “have no idea what it’s about” (down 0.7%) 


P&C meeting attendance 

  • 35.7% “I’d like to but I can’t” (down 5.1%) 
  • 21.4% “have no desire to attend” (down 4%) 
  • 14.3% “attended once / infrequently” (down 1.9%) 
  • 12.9% “attend regularly” (up 0.2%) 


For those who answered “no desire to attend” – reasons they don’t want to attend 

  • 34.3% just too busy 
  • 28.6% working 
  • 25.7% looking after kids 
  • 8.6% couldn’t be bothered 
  • Other notable answers: 
  • No but I intend to 
  • No – but have guilt that I haven’t if that helps any 
  • Was watching Facebook live 
  • Plan to attend one in near future 
  • No I’m new but would like to in future 
  • No but may in future 


For those who answered “can’t attend” – reasons they can’t 

  • 56% looking after kids 
  • 40% working 
  • 24% just too busy 
  • 24% have other engagements 
  • 12% feel nervous or unsure about it 


Change of meeting dates/times 

  • If meeting times were to change 54.4% “maybe” / 21.1% “yes” able to attend 
  • 53.7% “any day / no preference” / 14.6% Monday / 14.6% Tuesday / 24.4% Wednesday / 22% Thursday / 12.2% Friday 
  • COULD NOT attend 60% Friday / 63.3% Tuesday 
  • Preferred time 32.5% 9-11am / 17.5% 3-5pm / 25% 1-3pm / 35% current time 
  • COULD NOT attend 41.7% current time / 50% 9-11am / 52.8% 1-3pm / 55.6% 3-5pm 


Ever volunteered at a P&C event? 

  • 25% No – unable to due to work, kids or other commitments (down 15.5%) 
  • 20.5% Yes – once or twice (down 2.5%) 
  • 11.4% Yes – several times (down 3.5%) 
  • 15.9% Yes – frequently (up 2.4%) 
  • 18.2% No – but would like to (up 11.4%) 
  • Reasons why they haven’t yet: new to the school, new baby 




Most concerned about (top 5 “very” answers only – in order of priority) 

  • Literacy 
  • Numeracy 
  • Bullying 
  • Personal & Social Capability 
  • Critical & Creative Thinking 



“Other” notable answers: 

  • Managing money / finances 
  • Recycling 
  • Life skills (practical thinking) 
  • Swearing 




Most popular (“love it” – in order of priority) 

  • Christmas Fair 
  • Mother’s & Father’s Day stalls 
  • Colour Run 
  • Movie Night 
  • Discos 
  • Greatest Race 



Most unpopular (“dislike it”) 

  • Fashion Show 
  • Entertainment Books 
  • Trivia Nights 
  • The Greatest Race 
  • Car Boot Sale 


Other” notable answers: 

  • Easter hat parade or easter show 
  • (2) Chocolate drives / lamington drives 
  • Bunnings sausage sizzles / community events 
  • Keepsakes 
  • Garbage collection / recycling / gardening day 
  • Grandparents day 
  • Slip n slide fun day 
  • Bingo nights, Robina cookbook, prep tea towels 
  • Free dress days 
  • Crazy hair days / pizza day 
  • Discos (but not in school hours) 
  • Cake stalls 
  • School play 


Feelings towards current fundraising 

  • 39.7% “I love the fundraisers and happy to support” (down 6.9%) 
  • 10.4% “I think there are too many fundraisers and it’s overwhelming” (down 10.4%) 
  • 20.5% “I don’t really have an opinion” (up 4.7%) 
  • “Other” notable answers: 
  • Disco’s need to be at night – children like to dress up with makeup and they feel special about the evening (1 per term). Christmas Fair, Children love to perform and show off to family, dissappointed for 2018. Remember children like to have fun and parents like to see children have fun so will spend money. 
  • Value for money 
  • I think they are great however sometimes they are not evenly spaced out 




Feelings towards current school grounds 

  • 56.2% “school looks great” (up 20.3%) 
  • 15.1% “school is looking tired and could use a facelift” (down 9.7%) 
  • 9.6% “looks okay, haven’t really noticed” (down 13.2%) 
  • 8.2% “school looks terrible, desperately needs some upgrades” (up 2.7%) 
  • “Other” notable entries 
  • The front Admin is looking great, but the senior area is terrible. 
  • I dont think the school grounds are very well maintained, gardens need water, more dirt on grounds than grass, concrete needs gurneying badly and buildings washed down and freshly painted. 
  • Some painting would be great also a little more shaded areas 
  • Grounds are maintained exceptionally well by Mr Mark. Though I think the school is looking tired and could use a facelift (e.g. landscaping, senior playground, cold water bubblers/toilets near oval painting etc) 
  • Main school is great but the oval needs to be maintained better, especially in the drought season 
  • Senior area would be area that could use some TLC 
  • The school looks great however the state of the bathrooms is a disgusting concern and not due to cleaning staff but the behaviour of some children inside the toilets which should be better monitored. My children hate using the bathrooms because they are so disrespected by some of the students 



Feelings towards current school facilities & infrastructure 

  • 45.2% “I think the school could use some upgrades in some areas” (up 1.1%) 
  • 24.7% “I think the school has a great range of facilities and infrastructure (up 4%) 
  • 6.8% “I think the school is lacking in some facilities and infrastructure” (down 7%) 
  • 5.5% “I think the school facilities and infrastructure are in desperate need of upgrading” (down 2.8%) 
  • “Other” notable answers 
  • Senior playground 
  • From the things I have seen they are very good e.g sand pits, playgrounds, CPAC needs better lighting!, Cannot comment on computer labs as haven’t seen it 
  • Senior Playground; Bubblers, toilets and Spectator seating/shade on oval 
  • I’m unhappy with the initiative to remove waste bins from the school grounds for the students to use. 
  • Zero play equipment for years 3&4 
  • Air con in CPAC 
  • I think you’ve made a great start to updating play equipment. Would be great to see more, especially on the oval. 
  • cold water bubblers/Toilets near oval, undercover seating area near oval, covered walkways (eg. Tuckshop to library, hall to library). Senior school playground, Designated First Aid room not be apart of computer lab 
  • We need more play area for kids in the middle – senior grades (2-6). P-1 now have 2 new play areas in the last 3 years while the other grades can’t even get handball spaces painted





“Urgent” priority 

  • Upgraded bubblers on oval 
  • Air condition library 
  • Cooling CPAC 
  • Upgraded oval playground 
  • Upgrade 5/6 classroom area 


“Other” notable answers 

  • Toilets under Block 5 I will not let my child go to them. They are in need of work and should have been done before now. Awful for the children to have to use, this is beyond words 
  • Decent covered bag areas for kids to store their school bags. Terrible whats currently offered. 
  • Solar power for the school 
  • More for SEP 
  • Smart TV’s in every classroom as an urgent priority to support learning. 
  • Security cameras near Prep girls toilets 
  • Fix school grounds, gardens and condition of oval; tired of seeing temp barrier mesh permanently on grounds, trip hazards with soil subsidence and uneven paving, blocked drains that cause flooding in undercover areas. A pedestrian ramp directly to the older (yr4, 5, 6) grade rooms from admin or tuckshop would help pram and wheelchair access for parents and community. 
  • Play areas for older students 
  • All exterior walkways should be covered, I.e. to library from other buildings like cpac 
  • The rainforest area at the back of the school concerns me re. Brown snakes, spider breeding etc. Clearing the groundcover would be peace of mind here. 
  • We have the space and the need and the money for a pool. It would be so beneficial and could potentially be a source of income, as it is for so many other schools. 
  • Another playground (between ESL and yr 2 classes) for middle grades (2-4). Upgrade to the SEP classroom/facilities 
  • Seating around the school grounds there just isn’t really any bar a handful of spots & most are tired & in need of replacing. Kids have very few places to sit & eat or just chill. Covered walkways everywhere !!! Better bag storage so that bags do not get soaked in the rain or cooked in the heat. 
  • Improved waste management 
  • Just want to comment in regards to playground areas – it is great to have these, but as you know it’s important for our children to find their own games and maybe be bored at times, unfortunately our children don’t really know how to be bored. 
  • The oval could potentially have a complimentary sunscreen dispenser at entry 
  • Toilets beside the oval 
  • Bike rack cover? Sometimes kids ride to school but it rains during the day. It’d be great to get that covered – although I know it doesn’t benefit the entire school community so perhaps a low priority there. But it would be a great help to those kids who do ride. 
  • Toilets near oval, First Aid Room 
  • Bring back the bins 
  • More tables and chairs for children to sit and eat. Replace splintered wooden seats and get the kids off the ground while eating. 
  • Lots of trees planted, garden maintenance, more colour about the school, more murals & art work, fun engaging areas for kids, seating for kids & parents, tables etc 
  • Toilet block closer to the oval 
  • Undercover area for Yr 2 demantable classrooms near library and better seating (at the moment there is only a small seat around the tree 
  • Air conditioning for the CPAC and library and the most important 
  • Student bathrooms 
  • The library shelves are not in good working order and books are not easy for little people to access also not enough books on certain topics ie dinosaurs 
  • Renovating all of the toilets 
  • It will be too late for my grade 5 child but a descent play equipment area for older kids 




Feeling towards current communication about P&C events 

  • 42.5% “Wonderful – I feel well informed” (down 7.5%) 
  • 38.4% “It’s okay – sometimes I miss information” (up 7.8%) 
  • 6.8% “It’s not great – I rarely get the information” (down 1.5%) 
  • 0% “It’s overwhelming” (down 6.3%) 
  • “Other” notable answers 
  • I feel it could be improved through txt reminders 
  • I get better more useful information from other parents 
  • When we had cpr information for each class was so much better 






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