Come along to the Mad Food Science™ workshop with Bel Smith of The Root Cause, in her last Gold Coast appearance on their National Tour!

Belinda and Israel Smith, along with their two children Indrani (10) and Rilien (6) are currently travelling Australia in their big green bus Kaley, running workshops that empower children and parents to make better food choices.

The Mad Food Science™ Family Event is an interactive, fun workshop for families, that uses quirky experiments to teach children about eating real food, not packets.

Your children will learn:

  • to take responsibility for what they put in their mouth
  • to taste food with their tongue, not with their eyes
  • why their body needs a rainbow of fruit and vegetables
  • how to read food packets, and why real food is so much better

You will learn:

  • how food can affect your child’s concentration and behaviour
  • how to start positive conversations about healthy food at home
  • to make better choices together – at home, and in lunchboxes

Every child will take away a special handout with notes about the session, and three Mad Food Science™ Experiments to do at home. (Handouts generously supplied by our National Partners Worldwide Printing Solutions.)

NOTE: This session is best suited to children 5 and over. Toddlers and babies are just that *bit* too young for the material and will get fidgety.

About Bel Smith

Bel Smith – a regular on Ch 7 Sunrise, and dubbed the ‘Lunchbox Vigilante’ – is a Health Coach, a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador, and a mum on a mission to Transform Children’s Health in Australia, One Lunchbox at a Time.


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